Request for Payment (RfP)

A Request for Payment (RfP) is a request made by an entity to an external party, requesting that payment be sent. You may test a Request for Payment event by first creating or updating a Counterparty with RTP Information using the payment instructions contained within the Test Accounts tab within the Victor Staging Environment, available at

Testing with Routing Number and Account Number combinations that are not listed in the Test Accounts tab will result in the request failing.

After creating the request payment via the /v2/payment-requests/request-payment endpoint, you will receive a response like the sample below with a "victor_payment_request_id" e.g.: "a7ffd43c37c1". This payment reference can be used as a reference when querying for the Request for Payment later. The direction of this Request for Payment will be "OUTBOUND", indicating it is being sent from this account to another party.

  "victor_payment_request_id": "a7ffd43c37c1",
  "direction": "OUTBOUND",

If the counterparty of a Request for Payment has an associated account in the Victor system, then Victor will automatically receive an associated "INBOUND" Request for Payment. This event will trigger a webhook for the new Request for Payment and this Request for Payment can also be found using the /v2/payment-requests/ listing endpoint. The victor_payment_request_id from this inbound Request for Payment can then be included in the /v2/payment-requests/respond-to-request API call to respond to the payment request. If the Payment Request is approved, this will automatically generate either:

  • an RTP Send transaction (if the payer on the Request has an account with Victor) or
  • an Inbound RTP transaction into Victor (if the account is held externally).

If the Request is rejected, then it will be marked as “Declined” in the Victor system and the RTP network will be notified of the decision.

Note: A Request for Payment is not a transaction in the Victor system, only a request to initiate a transaction. Therefore, it is not displayed within the Victor UI or on the Transactions APIs. A Request for Payment that is Accepted will automatically create a corresponding RTP Transaction which will be visible in the Transactions page of the Victor UI.

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