Task Manager


From the left-hand navigation select Tasks to arrive at the Tasks List page.

There will be 2-3 tabs depending on your configured permissions. Most users will see My Tasks and All Tasks, while users with configuration permissions will also see Configuration.

My Tasks

All tasks assigned to you.

All Tasks

All tasks in your organization.


The Configuration tab is where standard tasks can be preconfigured or edited. It is also where task Categories and Stages are managed. See the section on Configuration for more information.

Export Tasks
From the My Tasks or All Tasks table you will have the option to export a .csv file of all tasks and their details.

You have the option to export all the tasks from the selected table or to filter your export to only export tasks by Client, Category, Stage, Status, Due Date, or Priority.

Select any desired filters (or select no filters to export all) then select Export to download.

Create a New Task

To create a new task, from either the My Tasks or All Tasks tab select +Task.

This will open the Add Task modal. Enter details to create your new task.

Select the Task Type

Select if the task is Internal (for within your organization) or External (to be assigned to a client user).

Select the Category

Based on the selected Category you will have the option to select from a list preconfigured tasks:

Or you create a Custom Task. By selecting Custom, you will enter the Task Name details.

Custom task example:



Creation of custom tasks creates a single task. To save a task to be reused, please refer to task Configuration.

Optional: Upload a file
If the task is associate with a file (ex: review this document, complete this form) you can attach a document to the task you are creating. Be sure to note the supported file types & size. One or multiple files can be added.

Select the Client the task is about/related to. You can search for the Client by name.

Select who you’d like to assign the task to. You can search for users by name.

If creating a Custom Task, you will select the lifecycle stage for the task. For preconfigured tasks this will be automatically populated.

Set task Priority: High, Medium, or Low.

Set the recurrence for the task.
To set recurrence for task, select the recurrence type:

Set the recurrence start date:

Set the recurrence details. You have two options to manage recurrence: setting an end date or setting the number of occurrences. For example, if setting a task to recur weekly:

  • By Date: setting Oct 1st.
    • Task will repeat weekly until October 1st.
  • By Occurrence: set 10 occurrences.
    • Task will repeat weekly 10 times (for 10 weeks)


End Date:

To set a task to not repeat select Never.

Add a target Due Date for the tasks. NOTE: Due Dates can only be set in the future.

Optional: Add some details to your Task Description.

Select Submit to generate your task.

View an Individual Task

From My Tasks or All Tasks select the individual task you’d like to view and click on that task in the row.

Individual Task Detail Page

View Linked Files
Linked files will include any files added to the task during task creation.

Click on a linked file to view, edit, download, share, or delete.

Change Task Status

Scroll to the status section of the Task. Select the new status from the dropdown.

Task Statuses:

  • Not Started = New Task Created, not in progress
  • In Progress = Task is in progress, actively being worked
  • Blocked = Task cannot be completed due to a blocking dependency
  • On Hold = Task cannot be moved forward or is not actively being worked
  • Completed = Task complete
  • Sent Back = Reopening a previously completed task due to incompleteness or additional work needed
  • Overdue = Task is past the established Due Date and has not been moved to Completed

Edit an Individual Task

To edit a task, select the Edit button. This will allow you edit all task metadata.

Some common edits include reassigning a task, adding started date, changing the due date.

Reassign a Task
Select a different user from the Assigned To drop down to reassign the task to someone else.

Add Started Date

Indicate the date work began on the task. Started date will be updated automatically as the date the task is moved from Not Started to In Progress. Started date can be updated retroactively and set as a past date.

Change Due Date
Adjust the due date to push further out in the future.
If a task has been set to Overdue changing the due date will reset the status to In Progress.

When done making edits to the task, Save Changes.

Cancel will clear all edits and return previous task details.

Add Attachments to Tasks
Files can be uploaded and attached to the task. You can drag and drop files from a directory or browse your computer and upload. Be sure to note supported file size & file types.

Comment on a Task
Select + Add Comment to add a Comment on a Task. Enter Comment Details and select Send.


Configuration will be available to users with task configuration permissions. This is where standard tasks can be preconfigured to be used. Stages and Categories can also be added, edited, or deleted from the Configuration tab.

Configured tasks will be listed in the table. You can view and search for existing Category and Stage configurations from the dropdowns.

Manage Stages

Select Manage Stages to View, Edit, Delete or Add Stages.

Add a Stage

Edit Stage Name

Delete a Stage

Manage Categories

Select Manage Categories to View, Edit, Delete or Add Categories.

Add a Category

Edit a Category

Delete a Category

Configure Tasks

To configure tasks to be available from the dropdown select +Configuration.

Select Task Category
If you need to add a new Category, see Manage Categories or the alternate option to Configure Categories.

Select Task Type -- NOTE: Currently only Internal Task Type is supported.

Enter Task Name
Add the task name details for the task you’d like to preconfigure.

Select Task Stage
If you need to add a new Stage, see Manage Stages or the alternate option to Configure Stages.

Review Task Configuration Details and Submit to create.

Edit Task Configurations

To edit or delete existing task configurations, select a configuration from the list.

Select Edit to edit details.

Select Delete to remove the configured task as an available option.

Alternate Option to Configure Categories
From +Configuration select Category to add a new Category

Alternate Option Configure Stages
From +Configuration select Stage to add a new Stage


Add a Task to an Application
Open an Application and select Tasks and +Add Task to open the task creation modal.

Add Task to Risk Assessment
Open a Risk Assessment, navigate to a category. Select Add Task to open the task creation modal.
Can be used for Action Items.

Add Task to a Document
Open a Document, scroll down and select Add Task to open the task creation modal.

Quick Share a Task
Select Copy Link to copy to your clipboard a direct link to the Task to share. Link can be pasted in an email, chat, or added as reference in a document.
Task will only be viewable by users with the link who have access to Vantage and permission to view tasks.