RTP Send

An outbound RTP (Real Time Payment) Send is a payment originated by your organization and sending funds to an external account.

RTP Send transactions may be sent from either a Virtual Account or a Deposit Account. If you are attempting to send via a Virtual Account, the account must be configured on the Victor backend first. Please email [email protected] and provide the Virtual account number you wish to have enabled for RTP send.



By default, Virtual Account support is not activated as standard in Staging. Please contact your Victor representative or email [email protected] for more information on this functionality.

Testing with Routing Number and Account Number combinations that are not listed will result in the transaction failing.

The payment will start in “Pending” status but will shortly transition to “Success”.

RTP Overview https://docs.victorfi.com/docs/real-time-payments-rtp
Create RTP API Reference https://docs.victorfi.com/reference/creatertpsendrequest