Various reports are available within the Victor UI based on the particular products being utilized. Information may be viewed within the Victor UI, as well as downloaded via .csv.


In order to gain access to Reporting within the Victor UI, first navigate to for the Staging environment or for the Production environment. Here you may login to your Victor account.



Note: If you are attempting to log in for the first time and do not know your password, you may follow the password reset steps on the login page.

If you are having difficulty gaining access to Victor’s Staging or Production Environment please contact [email protected] or your Victor representative.

Deposit Accounts

Navigate to Deposit Accounts on the left-hand ribbon and select the appropriate deposit account (this is your MVB bank account). Here you may view all transaction in and out of your MVB account. You can select date range and also filter by amount to easily locate specific transactions.

You may also download the Transaction History in .csv file format via the download button on the right hand side of the Transaction History page. The download will be produced using the date range and filters you have selected.

Ledger Program

Navigate to Ledgers on the left-hand ribbon. Here is an overview of each Ledger Program configured for your account.

Program ID is the programmatic value for referencing the specific ledger program when making API calls
Virtual Accounts provides the count of virtual accounts that reside within the specific ledger
Victor Account ID is the 16-digit Victor account number from which you will originate payments



Note: The Victor Account ID is only available via the Victor UI. It’s important to note this before commencing your integration efforts.

Total Balance: the total balance within the primary account of the Ledger Program
Ledger: the total amount of funds held within virtual accounts within the Ledger Program
Inherent: the amount of funds within the primary account that have not been allocated to underlying virtual accounts within the ledger

Select the appropriate ledger by clicking ‘View Ledger’.

View Ledger

Within the Ledger Transaction View, you will see the Total Balance and the Inherent Ledger Balance. Beneath this section is the Virtual Ledgers panel.

The Virtual Ledgers panel shows the total value of funds that have been allocated to all virtual accounts.

Here you are able to download
(1) all accounts, providing a consolidated report of all activity in/out of all virtual accounts.
(2) download a transaction history corresponding to a single virtual account.